I took up photography in ernest in the late 70's, when I bought my first SLR camera. At the time, most of my pictures were B&W shots, as that allowed me to do the darkroom work myself. After a while I was using up so much film that I ended up buying in 50m lots, loading the cassettes myself, in order to keep the cost down.


Thus, am very grateful that the digital cameras are around today: Now I can shoot and sift as much as I like without creating a big black hole in my wallet.


I temporarily (I thought) gave up the SLR's during the switch to digital media, but as it turned out, I am still slogging along with a pocket camera offering no more than 8 Mpx. This, as it happens, is no more than my Mobile phone camera can do, even if its optics and functions cannot match the "proper" camera. Still, it churns out acceptable pictures, and I can bring it along just about anywhere and anytime...

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